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“I have been a Physiotherapist for 27 years and have studied and trained in many alternative therapies. My QHHT session with Sarah took me on the most profound healing journey I have ever experienced. The physical healing was instant. I am most grateful to have had this healing experience. It has and will change my life forever. With Thanks and Gratitude"


Jane, QHHT® Session, January 2024

“Since initially having an amazing Past live regression with Sarah Shaw, a month later I followed this with a QHHT session, this was a wonderful way to introduce me to the process and also prepare me for what can only be described as an ‘out of this world’ QHHT experience. 


It’s hard to describe in words how beautifully life changing this was, a completely intricately woven experience that has totally transformed my life. Many health issues disappeared within the days and weeks to follow, and a barrage of sudden life changes that happened are incredibly amazing and welcoming. QHHT is definitely a method to access a portal of vast healing for your mind, body and soul, with insights into the deeper meaning of your existence here. Much of what I have learned revealed itself within the weeks to follow, synchronicities and revelations, a remembering of who we are and why we are here. Without a doubt, an extraordinary beautiful experience led by an incredible therapist. Thank you Sarah “


Lyla, QHHT®, December 2023

“I had my first ever Past Life Regression Therapy session with Sarah Shaw a few weeks ago. I had been wanting to have past life regression therapy for some time to help me understand some very difficult patterns in my life, as well as debilitating anxiety that has prevented me from living any kind of a normal life.


Sarah instantly made me feel relaxed and safe, she is a warm and professional therapist, and even by online distance I was able to feel safe and comfortable, and the session was professional and skilfully guided. 


In reflection PLRT is such an incredible healing modality that you have to experience it to believe it. Being in hypnosis was a pleasant experience, I felt peaceful throughout, even though the lifetime I experienced was a difficult one, it was for me like watching an exciting movie filled with clues, analogies and deep meaning, and answered why I carried such fear and anxiety with me in this lifetime, and have seemed to be endlessly running. On repeat listening to my session recording, there was so much more information that comes through to you after the initial session, if you like a good mystery - you will find this fascinating.


I would absolutely without hesitation recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to explore past live regression or QHHT, whether for unresolved health issues such as my own, reoccurring patterns in life, or just for pure curiosity. It’s mind blowing how the session has helped me, and the part with the higher self coming through left me feeling loved and watched over in this life. During the regression I could see many of my current problems unravelling in meaning before me, and the following week afterwards I could feel my anxiety lifting and things becoming easier for me, now 2 weeks on my anxiety has massively shifted and I feel a huge change in my life, things are becoming easier each day, I feel more confident and less afraid. Wow! Thank you, Sarah!”


Lyla, PLRT, September 2023

“I was fortunate to encounter Sarah after an old health issue had returned and taken a turn for the worse. I’m already a practiced healer so this was a concern and a challenge in itself.


During the session with her she was able to guide me through a process of review of this life and previous ones such that they gave me perspective and some powerful tools to continue with my healing. She showed me how to access parts of myself that were previously unavailable, even though this is something I’m used to doing, and everything I discovered was relevant, deeply meaningful and healing.


A remarkable process and an exceptional practitioner.”


Antony, QHHT® Session, October 2022

"I booked my session with Sarah as I felt that Quantum Healing Hypnosis would help me to journey deep into my unconscious mind and offer some insight into the deeper reason as to why I was having pretty serious health issues with my gums. I had intuited that it was related to undigested life experiences as I had suffered deep and complex bereavement trauma whilst very young, but I felt that it was necessary to step out of the loops in my mind and work more deeply with somebody to gain clarity and acceptance.

I felt very relaxed with Sarah from the first moment we met and we soon settled down into the process. I found her to be genuinely interested in the unfoldment of my life experiences and my attitudinal responses to them. She had a rare blend of being very professional but also informal and friendly. This helped me to relax and trust her before we went into the actual hypnosis process.

The hypnotic state was entered smoothly upon Sarah's invitation and I began to recall certain traumatic incidents from childhood and adolescence. She allowed me to stay with them for just long enough, so as to recall details and also be with the emotions which were held in relation to the incidents. She was very skilled at moving me on from a situation which still had a strong emotional charge.

I won't hesitate to recommend to my friends that they explore QHHT with Sarah if I ever feel a session would help them with anything they share with me and I'll personally be working some more with her to continue the deep healing which was initiated. Her follow up was really quick and I received the recording of the session within 2 days. It is very useful for me to have this to listen to, so as to fully embrace the dynamics of mind which I entered into with Sarah, and of course wasn't aware of all the details. After 10 days my gums are feeling better and my inner narrative around difficult developmental experiences feels much clearer and balanced. This has liberated some more of my creative life force, which has been blocked for most of my life. I booked a quantum healing Hypnosis session with Sarah as I was interested in learning about any past lives I may have had. I am very new to this topic and know very little about it so was keen to work with somebody who had a bit of knowledge and experience in this topic."


Scott, QHHT® Session, September 2022

"I booked a Quantum healing session with Sarah, out of curiosity, to discover more about how my past lives might affect my current life. I also wondered if I had a past life connection to family and friends in the present.

During the session, Sarah took the time to help me feel relaxed and asked me details about my life, and if I had any questions I would like to address during the hypnosis session.

I felt supported and safe with Sarah, throughout the whole session. She has a lovely gentle presence, and this helped me to connect with an interesting past life, and then receive the answers to my questions.

Overall, the quantum healing session has allowed me to explore why certain things in my life were stuck, and the best way to move forward.

I also feel more settled in the decisions and choices I struggle with. If something goes wrong, it’s a learning experience.

Booking a quantum healing session with Sarah, could potentially change the way you view your life, and personal circumstances."


Paula, QHHT® Session, May 2022

"I recently had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session with Sarah and found the session very healing and transformational.


The technique theorises that part of ourselves holds the answers for personal transformation and healing (a belief that I too hold). I found Sarah to be a relaxed and intuitive therapist with a knack for asking the right questions to facilitate the healing process. 

As part of the work that Sarah and I explored, I was able to release a large energy block that I had been holding onto in my body, specifically located at the Solar Plexus area/Chakra. Through the session I could feel the energy moving until it eventually released leaving me feeling much lighter; mentally, emotionally, psychically and spiritually. I felt a lightness of being after the session and am much clearer and more fully aware of the issue that presented itself (trust). 

I can highly recommend Sarah and the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique as having a positive, healing and transformational approach to getting to the root of specific issues.


MC, QHHT® Session, March 2022   

"I booked a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Sarah on 25th February 2022. One of the reasons was that I suffer from chronic pain and health issues, as well as anxiety.


Sarah was thoughtful and considerate throughout the session and I felt comfortable and safe in her presence.


After the session, I felt chilled and more at ease from the pain, mentally happier and less anxious. The pain in my lower leg had gone and not returned and it is such a relief.


I would definitely recommend anyone to have a session of QHHT with Sarah."


Anna, QHHT® Session, February 2022

“Sarah arrived perfectly on time. We had a chance to chat and get comfortable and grounded in my space. We had a lengthy chat which guided me through the different chapters in my life and some of the key figures. I felt I could be honest and was received in a non-biased or judgmental way. I felt accepted. Throughout our chat Sarah was able to shine some light onto some recurring themes in my life and helped me see connections that I had been unaware of. 


My time on the sofa was comfortable and peaceful. I had been a bit anxious about the Hypnosis as I had no idea what might come up. Sarah helped me feel at ease about this and reassured me I was in safe hands and the space was being skilfully held. Sarah again guided my journey deep into my psyche. 

When my session was over, I was gently brought back into my waking life. I found the truths that I came back with were insightful and curious. I feel another part of me had received some healing and am grateful to have had this time to explore this realm together.” 


Carmen, QHHT® Session, January 2022

"Sarah came highly recommended to me through a friend and after some research of Quantum Healing Hypnosis I felt that she would be a good fit for me. I initially booked my Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Sarah as I believed I had blocks preventing me moving towards my life purpose. I believed that these blocks could be attributed to unresolved past life experiences and it was important to me to get to the root of these perceived blocks and to begin a process of reconciliation and healing.

Sarah immediately made me feel at ease, she has a warm and reassuring energy and was very easy to talk to. We spent the first part of the session exploring my current life, from childhood to present, weaving through my reflections on relationships with family/friends, health, career and beliefs. I felt entirely comfortable sharing my experiences with Sarah in a really open and honest way. Sarah reiterated throughout that everything I shared was in confidence and conveyed respect and understanding through what could have otherwise felt like an exposing and vulnerable experience. After traversing through my life story, we then explored what questions I would like to be asked of my higher self during hypnosis.

The hypnosis part of the session was entirely immersive and relaxing. Whilst I was conscious and aware throughout the session, I was exceptionally relaxed and my ego took a step back. The regression to past lives felt fluid and familiar. I could see, feel, smell and hear my surroundings and all that I witnessed resonated on some level. Most importantly, however, whilst I had in some way traversed past lives, I was aware of Sarah, grounded, sitting by me, her presence comforting and voice soothing giving me the confidence to explore the surroundings in which I found myself.

During the 2nd part of the hypnosis session Sarah asked the questions of my higher self which I had given her earlier. The answers which arrived were validating. The validation only increased with each listening of the recording of the session which Sarah had subsequently sent to me. Whilst it initially felt daunting to listen to the recorded session for the first time, it is in the repetitive listening to this that the healing truly happens and it is an extremely important part of the Quantum Hypnosis Healing.

The whole experience of my session and meeting Sarah was a profoundly positive experience and I would fully recommend her to anyone with an interest in regressive healing and expanding consciousness.”


Julie, QHHT® Session, August 2022

"I received a wonderful Quantum Healing Hypnosis session from Sarah which I booked after discovering Dolores Cannon and her hypnosis techniques and becoming curious about it. 


Sarah explained everything that would take place and she made me feel comfortable, safe and immediately put me at ease before gently guiding me through this journey. The session was very insightful and interesting and I’m still processing the wonderful things I discovered about myself.


It was such a wonderful experience and so many incredible things were happening during the session. Sarah’s bedside manner was exceptional and helped put me at ease before, during and after the session.


I highly recommend her!"


Elizabeth, QHHT® Session, February 2023

“My past life regression hypnosis experience was nothing short of amazing. Sarah was very thorough, professional and supportive throughout the journey. She acted as a navigator and did not sway my direction in any way. I was able to remember scenes in such a such a vivid detail, and in some cases even feel the way I felt in those moments. I'm so pleased to have the recording to refer back to as part of my integration process. I feel better, a stronger sense of self awareness in my day-to-day life as a result of this experience.


Thanks so much for this opportunity and experience!”


Holly, PLRT Session, May 2023

“...I am not given to asking for help in general, as come from a slightly self-sufficient background. However, I had experienced a challenging year and had issues that I felt required an overview that would give me some clarity. My requirements were to try and break cycles, be aware of my role in self sabotage and bring healing so that my children won’t have to repeat the trauma of my and my ancestors experience. I have had ongoing health conditions (fibromyalgia) that I was conscious were affected by my mental state and were effectively physical manifestations of powerlessness. Healing for me is part of a tri fold state, body, mind and soul. I wanted to find out what my subconscious was up to but with an outsider’s perspective. Quantum Healing Hypnosis gave me a useful tool by which to explore my inner visionary state. The session was comfortable and I was put at ease. We discussed my current life and the stressors that had led to my current situation, questions had been set out previously but then refined. This is part of the clarity - that by tweaking the questions and with gentle guidance it can open up the discourse in a way that might be tricky to attend to oneself. Sarah throughout was extremely patient, due to my upbringing I can be avoidant and guarded when coming close to challenging topics - I try to be truthful but it has been a problematic area in relation to familial abuse in the past, thus triggering. The gentle but responsive approach Sarah had effectively circumnavigated this dilemma, she responded in a state of enquiry without seeming judgement which allowed the message to unfold. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends or colleagues and feel sure that she will implement these techniques in a beneficial manner for all concerned.
Since the session I have had reduced anxiety and despite a series of stressors have been able to utilise some of the tools I garnered from Quantum Healing Hypnosis to help find balance. I will continue to reflect on the messages received as am conscious that these things are like an unfolding and will take time to fully actualise.”


Rio, QHHT® Session, January 2023

“I had no idea what to expect from the session with Sarah. I wondered if I could be hypnotised or if I could properly visualise when asked to do so.


Any doubts were soon erased as I had a very powerful, surreal, transformative experience. Mind-blowing. Incredible. Otherworldly. These words don't begin to describe what happened. 


Sarah held the space, guiding and supporting me every moment. She was amazing and I knew I was in the hands of a professional. Glorious. Exhilarating.

I can't say enough about the experience and the grace, wisdom, and knowledge of Sarah.”


Don, QHHT® Session, April 2022  

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