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If you ask yourself the following kinds of questions, QHHT® could be for you...

What is my Soul mission and purpose?

What am I here to learn?

What is my Galactic heritage?

Do I have a Soul Mate?

How can I use my gifts to serve humanity?

Am I a Starseed?

Who do I have soul contracts with in this life and what are they?

How do I heal my body?

How do I balance Karma in my relationship?

What is the soul contract with my spouse/child/friend?

What happened to me as a child?

How do I heal my trauma?

Why have I always felt different?

Why did I choose to incarnate into my family?

Am I on the right path?

What is next for me?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT®)

"If we don't pass a test, learn a lesson, there is always the next time. It doesn't matter how long it takes - you have all of eternity. But wouldn't you rather learn now than take forever?" Dolores Cannon - The Convoluted Universe, Book IV

QHHT® is a transformational and active form of hypnosis developed by the late and esteemed hypnotist, researcher and prolific Author Dolores Cannon, who honed her technique over 45 years, working with thousands of clients across the world.

This remarkable process induces you into hypnosis through guided visualisation, to enable you to access past or future lives and to communicate with the Source of infinite wisdom that resides within you. This higher aspect was called the subconscious or 'SC' by Dolores, but it is also known as the Higher Self or Oversoul. QHHT® facilitates a connection to this higher aspect to help you gain clarity on life challenges, release self-sabotaging behaviours and harmful repeat patterns, and also heal illnesses playing out in your life where appropriate to your path.

QHHT® can help you gain insight into hidden energetic blocks, suppressed memories, soul mission and purpose, galactic heritage, karmic contracts, and answer your burning questions about your life. Uncovering this information can trigger profound activations and understanding, as you join the dots and make connections across time that point you to the origin of your traumas, illnesses, fears, and anxieties, often carried over from many lifetimes – the lessons of which still waiting to be learned and integrated.

This is the exact hypnosis technique developed by Dolores Cannon.​ Sessions are delivered in-person, in Perth city centre, Scotland, UK.

Session Fee: 


5 Hour Session - £299


Payment plans and gift vouchers are available upon request

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