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If you ask yourself the following kinds of questions, Interlife Therapy could be for you...

What happens when I die?

Do I have a spiritual home?

Have I lived before?

Will I see my loved ones again?

What is my life mission?

Am I on the right path?

Do I have a soul family?

Do I have a guide?

What are my soul contracts and who are they with?

Why did I incarnate into this family?

Interlife Therapy (Afterlife Memories)

"Reaching our soul is the first step on the ladder of finding our higher power” - Michael Newton, Journey Of Souls

Interlife therapy is a transformational form of hypnosis that guides you on a journey into the plane of existence between our physical incarnations, where we reside as pure immortal energy beings. A place that many call our spiritual home.


This form of therapy can help you gain insight into the vastness of your immortal soul by understanding how it extends beyond the physical aspect, and encompasses all of the energies, experiences, and lessons of your previous lives.


During the session, you will be guided into a deep state of hypnosis, to raise your vibration and reconnect with your eternal Soul identity. In this expanded state of awareness, you will be immersed in the all-knowing fields of energy that make it possible for you to access spiritual memories, and commune with higher beings, your soul family, guides and teachers that love you unconditionally and want the highest outcome for your spiritual growth.

You will receive profound messages of wisdom through these beautiful encounters that can be applied to your current life situation. The guidance you receive has the potential to be life-changing, offering you a higher perspective on your life's purpose and inspiring you to embrace your life’s journey with grace, wisdom, and love.

Session Fee: 

3 Hour Interlife Therapy Session - £199


Please note: this form of therapy is only open to clients who have worked with me previously and have experience of Past Life Regression Therapy or QHHT.

Payment plans and gift vouchers are available upon request

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